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Love Is Something You Do

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CHRIST THE KING! Read Matthew 25:31-46

This is the last Sunday of the Christian year.  It is CHRIST THE KING SUNDAY!  Our reading is one of the most vivid parables Jesus ever spoke and the lesson is crystal clear---God will judge us in accordance with our reaction to human need.  His judgment does not depend on the degrees, fame or fortune we have gained.



This Sunday we will be celebrating St. Andrew Day. The Bagpiper will be playing for both services. Please wear your Tartan.


  1. Read Matthew 25:31-46

  2. Who are the most "godly" people you have known? What made them that way in your eyes?

  3. When we say CHRIST THE KING what does that mean to you at first?

  4. If we are judged by our reaction to human need then does that mean the whole of the Christian life is mere charity, the giving of a dollar to a beggar? Why not?

  5. The parable teaches us certain things: Comment of these sermon points.

    Our help must be help in simple things Our help must be calculating. Our help is really given to Christ and if we withhold then we are withholding from Christ

  6. Discuss: If we are able to[ take this text seriously, we should be very uncomfortable mostly because it so radially shifts the emphasis from US and righteousness to THEM and their need and we would much rather be told that the Kingdom is coming because we act so nobly toward those less fortunate.

Weekly Bulletin

Dr. Mark E. Salmon
Senior Pastor
Worship the Lord your God and only serve him.
Matthew 4:10