Traditional Worship Service

April 22, starting at 10:30 AM

Sons of Covenant

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Read Acts 3:17-26


My theological mentor, Dr. RC Sproul, died this past December and I am in the process of reading again the 80 or so books he wrote during this lifetime. He also pastored St. Andrew Chapel in Sanford, Florida for the past 20 years. Dr. Sproul was probably the first to welcome me to St. Andrew Presbyterian Church here in Sun City Center with a very kind note and I was able to officiate a wedding for his members since I have been here as well. I will, at times, this year rework a couple of his sermons for the membership of SAPC. This week we will look at Peter's second sermon at the occasion of the healing of a person who had been born unable to stand or walk. Peter and John encountered him by the Gate Beautiful.




  1. Read Acts 3:17-26

  2. Would this be considered a politically correct sermon ever preached? Why or why not?

  3. Are there different types of ignorance? Some of called them VINCIBLE or INVINCIBLE ignorance. That which is vincible may be overpowered but that which is invincible cannot be defeated. Which one can a person say, I AM SORY, ID DID NOT KNOW? Can you think of some illustrations?

  4. Discuss: There are millions of people who are counting on their ignorance to get them past the judgment seat of God. How could this be Vincible or Invincible?

  5. Why would Jesus say that sinning against Him is forgivable but sinning against the Holy Spirit is not?

  6. Should you stop sharing the Gospel because someone says they have already heard it? Why or why not?