Traditional Worship Service

January 14, starting at 10:30 AM

Worship with Enthusiasm

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Read Matthew 17:1-13

Worship with Enthusiasm

If you are a regular to our worship, you might not be aware that someone famous is attending St. Andrew this morning. You who come regularly should be well informed as to who has graced our presence. Try to guess who it might be. I remember as a child in New Jersey when Pat Boone showed up in worship. Come and meet this person!




  1. Read Matthew 17:1-13

  2. Who are some famous people you have seen in a worship service? Billy Graham Crusades used to have many celebrity types in worship......if you had attended worship at the Crystal Cathedral then you also might remember some celebrities.

  3. The Special Guest is Jesus Christ Himself! How would your worship be different if Jesus was physically sitting in our sanctuary?

  4. If Jesus was physically attending our service could He also be at other services at the same time? This is an old theological question.

  5. Discuss some of the most meaningful services you have ever attended and what made them that way?