Experience the Holy Land

June 19, starting at 10:00 AM

10 week series

Event Details

This series will explore pictures, maps, archaeology, history and culture of many sites where Jesus the Messiah was born, lived, taught, was killed and rose from the dead. We will follow His steps, to help us achieve a more complete understanding of the Gospels. Travel through the Holy Land at no cost.
Jerusalem, Nazareth, Bethlehem, Jordan River, Judean Wilderness, Cana, Capharnaum, Samaria, Galilee, Nain, Bethsaida, Gennesaret, Decapolis, Magdala, Caesarea Philippi, Mount Tabor, Bethany, Perea, Jericho, Mount of Olives, Gesthsemane and more

For more information, please contact Rev. Dr. David d’Albany ( 813) 507-1739 www.Messiah.VistaPrintDigital.com